What to put in the next clash update

Some adjustments that I think should be in the next few updates….

  1. Upgrade level 7+ walls with elixir & gold
  2. New Troop of some sort
  3. Return survived troops in battles to army camps
  4. A gem collector ? or just some other way of collecting gems
  5. A “recent searches” list for clans that clashers have recently viewed
  6. Private chat with other clashers
  7. The ability to search other clashers
  8. Online or offline clanmate
  9. Leaders choose who participates in clan wars
  10. A setting that notifies you when you play to much and block you from continuing to play for about half an hour. A setting like this that you can turn on or off (This should definitely be made and turned on at all times by overly addicted clashers!)
  11. Personalize flags
  12. Additional ways for clashers to join clans
  13. Ability to change clan name for some sort of cost (eg. 150k gold)
  14. Reduce upgrading time by like 20%!!!
  15. Function that lets you delete messages
  16. A day & night mode (during the day its the day mode and during night it should be night mode)
  17. Different weathers every now and then
  18. Reduced troop training time
  19. TH11!!!!!!
  20. Larger base ground
  21. Clash of clans for pc & mac
  22. Clothing or accessories that you can buy from the shop for troops (or even different weapons)
  23. More collectors (like maybe one or two more for each)

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