Hi! ^.^ I’m Grace, just a casual high school student from QLD, Aus.

ps. I’m the one on the left laughing like a sped xD

I enjoy playing the piano, playing clash of clans >:) oh and i have like a little OCD obsession over organisation xD I just LOVE planning, organising  and taking notes and just making all my school work cute, pretty and just fun!

(yes i know this is a 2013 planner but I’m on holidays right now and i generally don’t plan on holidays, I just do it but I will be using my 2015 planner really soon!!)

I have two gorrgeeoouussss little snookums that I love to death x3



 This is my baby Bella 🙂 she is now 1 and a half and is the apple of my eye


10818879_662204160565310_838392233_n                                 10819029_662204187231974_226121106_n

and this is Kitty :3 I’ve had her for only two months now and I already love her sooo much ❤

I’m just your everyday typical teen i guess xD I love music, pinterest, socialising, tv shows (especially tvd, revenge & pll) and ORGANISING! I like being busy, just having something to do ya know? I enjoy decorating my room :~) and since my parents are divorced i fortunately have TWO rooms to decorate! yay xD haha.. thank you for reading my blog 🙂 this is my first blog EVER so I’m not quite sure if I’m doing anything wrong or not.



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