What to put in the next clash update

Some adjustments that I think should be in the next few updates….

  1. Upgrade level 7+ walls with elixir & gold
  2. New Troop of some sort
  3. Return survived troops in battles to army camps
  4. A gem collector ? or just some other way of collecting gems
  5. A “recent searches” list for clans that clashers have recently viewed
  6. Private chat with other clashers
  7. The ability to search other clashers
  8. Online or offline clanmate
  9. Leaders choose who participates in clan wars
  10. A setting that notifies you when you play to much and block you from continuing to play for about half an hour. A setting like this that you can turn on or off (This should definitely be made and turned on at all times by overly addicted clashers!)
  11. Personalize flags
  12. Additional ways for clashers to join clans
  13. Ability to change clan name for some sort of cost (eg. 150k gold)
  14. Reduce upgrading time by like 20%!!!
  15. Function that lets you delete messages
  16. A day & night mode (during the day its the day mode and during night it should be night mode)
  17. Different weathers every now and then
  18. Reduced troop training time
  19. TH11!!!!!!
  20. Larger base ground
  21. Clash of clans for pc & mac
  22. Clothing or accessories that you can buy from the shop for troops (or even different weapons)
  23. More collectors (like maybe one or two more for each)

Clash Of Clans

So this is my first actual blog (not including the “just a little about me :-)” section)Well to start off, I LOVE Clash of Clans!! I’m only level 67 (town hall 8) but these holidays have just been made up of clash like seriously I would be waiting and staring at my base til my troops finish training just to raid. So far I’m up to 70 raids this season like WUT?! I know right I need a life 😛 ahah but I have played dramatically less since i started this blog page and although i haven’t really posted much it has taken me AGES to figure out how to use this site but I think i got the hang of it now xD anyways in this blog I will be showing you my top 6 tips and OCD strategies for playing Clash 🙂

6 ocd things i do on clash of clans

1. taking notes & ordering my upgrades

So literally no one does this I swear but me ! haha but I personally believe this really does help me a lot. That is to write down the next 10-15 things you want to upgrade (eg. things to upgrade: wizards towers lvl4; mortars lvl5; archer towers lvl8 etc.). After you get an idea of what you want to upgrade,  order them by their priority. I strongly suggest you follow my priority list which is..

For gold: Mortars, Wizard Towers, Air Defence, Canons, Archer Towers then everything else (Clan Castle, Elixir Storage, Elixir Collectors, Hidden Teslas, Traps). I generally upgrade my walls in between my upgrades, especially long upgrades. 

For elixir: Research Lab, Spell Factory, Troops (upgrade other things while troops upgrade tho!), Army Camp, Barracks, Dark Elixir Drill/Gold Mine (whichever one you need more desperately), Gold Storage/Elixir Storage (once again it is whichever one you need more). And if your walls are at a high enough level, I would recommend upgrading walls in between upgrades. 

For dark elixir: Barb King/Archer Queen (pfft if i had one -_-)/Troops. This one I just generally upgrade whatever is more suitable for my builders at the time. Like if i were upgrading my goblins i would upgrade my Barb King (or Archer Queen if i had one). 

So to get to the ordering.. I would generally make a bullet point list with 5 points because i have 4 builders. (3 points if you have 2 builders; 6 points if you have 5 builders etc.) and generally I put the first prioritised defensive upgrade on the first bullet point, the first prioritised elixir upgrade on the second dot point and first prioritised dark elixir upgrade on the third bullet point. For the 4th & 5th bullet point I just put one cheap gold upgrade and another cheap elixir upgrade. Once you finish an upgrade I’d cross that thing off the list and replace it with whatever is after it.

I have already maxed out my mortars and research lab etc so this is my list somewhat through th8 🙂
   2. Always keep your builders busy!! (except one to remove plantations and upgrade walls)

I try make sure 3 of my builders are always at work to max out my base quicker. I generally try to have the first 3 things on my list upgrading but if i do have a spare builder (because I cannot afford the next upgrade or some other reason) I will make sure it is working on one of the upgrades in point 4 or 5.

3. take advantage of the shield! duh!


So well you probably hear this a lot but IT’S TRUE OMG! So when you have a shield that still has like let’s say 8 hours left.. DON’T RAID AND WASTE IT! However…………. unless you’re a total addict like me xD you can actually forget about and raid if you know your gonna raid like 10 times. But if your only on for one raid i seriously suggest to just leave it,  not worth it man. You will loose more than you gain (unless your base has extremely strong defence)

4. be a friend & donate

Donations are actually really important when it comes to clans and stuff. When other clashers view your profile one of the first things they see are your donations and if your donations are in the negatives (as in you have received way more than you have donated) then other clashers won’t want you in the clan. They could even kick you out! I have been kicked for that specific reason and I don’t know if this is just a girl thing or what but I actually got so offended and i planned the death plot of the guy who kicked me xD hehehehe.

5. have fun


What’s the point of playing a game if it’s not fun right? To make your clash of clans experience more enjoyable join a clan! And talk with other clan members 🙂 it’s great having a friend you can discuss your plans and objectives with in clash. I feel about 100x less lonely when I’m in a clan. You can ask leaders and co leaders for advice and everything. Your clan is your family. So choose wisely xD I’m currently not in a clan because i got kicked for not using all my war attacks in the last war … oops heheh! oh well but as I said earlier I have been playing clash dramatically less due to this blog :3

6. Overtrain troops

If you raid are hooked on raiding or just need the resources desperately then overtrain troops to reduce training time! It doesnt seem like much but by the time you finish your raid you will have about 60 capacity worth of troops all trained and ready to go 🙂 It’s also a great way to “hide” your resources from attackers.

So this is my base at the moment 🙂 nothing is upgrading in the research lab because I’m still saving up for lvl5 healing spells. I’m only 193k elixir off!!

thank you peeps for reading this! I will most probably update this every now and then or just post another blog for it so keep an eye out 😀 CIAO xx