How to take notes in class

Well schools on soon and tbh I’m kinda looking forward to it. Not so much the early mornings and having to squeeze through crowds of people (people at school can be kinda gross :s) but just the fact that I’ll have more things to do and more things to organise and plan oh and of course the opportunity to see all my friends everyday πŸ™‚ so back to topic in this blog I will tell you on how I take notes in class and what I think are some really great ways for taking notes.

The cornell method

I think this by far is the most useful one. Not so much the most popular amongst teens since we tend to be pretty lazy but this note taking method is extremely productive and useful.


The diagram is pretty straightforward about how this system works but if you write all your class notes on paper then I suggest this is how to do it.

The outline method

I think this method is much more suited for students who write their notes on a computer or tablet. It simply requires you to write your main points in a larger font then bullet point other information within those points in more detail. You could of course still use this with paper but on a computer or tablet you can easily add more bullet points (like a whole lot of bullet points) but on paper you tend to run out of space as you cannot predict exactly how much space you’ll need per topic.

Outline poster

Mind Map Method

I generally don’t use this for studying or taking notes are anything really. I more so use this method for like planning what I’m going to write for an essay or just keeping organised. This would be more like a content page for your notes I reckon. I don’t even know haha but this method requires you to write the main topic in one giant bubble in the middle of your page, then several mini connecting bubbles coming off it that are subtopics to the main idea. Coggle is a great app to let you use this kind of method.


So that’s all I have for now. I generally use the outline method with like a bit of a mix with the cornell method but I use an iPad to take notes so it’s mostly just the outline method but instead of using bullet points I generally just tab them. Not really a difference but it just looks less like a test and more like notes to me. Oh I do have one more important tip and that is to COLOURCODE. Yes colour coding is exxtreeemmmmeeelllyyyy important (on computer and paper) it just make your notes a bit easier to read instead of it looking like one big 1000 chaptered book of jibber jabber.


diy study planner in 3 steps

So this is something I alwaysΒ try to use when school starts. It just helps handle the tonnes of homework assignments you have to do in one night so you don’t end up leaving it til 12am (which happened like all the time when I didn’t use a study planner xD)

1. Open Excel (Microsoft Office) or Google Spreadsheets

I’m using the Google Spreadsheets because my Microsoft Office was recently deleted :((((( but Google Spreadsheets work just as well, they get done everything you need in this diy. So basically you want to use the columns as the times and the rows as the days. (You can fill a square in by clicking on the rectangle you want to type in then just start typing)

.Screenshot (1)

2. Fill it in

If you’re on holidays like me right now, then just fill in the days you know what you’re definitely doing (eg. definitely going to be at school from Mondays til Fridays 9am-3pm). An easier way you filling out rectangles with the same activities is by only typing it in one rectangle then copy it then select another rectangle/column/row where you have the same activity on and click paste.

Screenshot (2)

3. Print or even keep as wallpaper

Once every rectangle is filled out (remember to put it break times too not just studying/extra curricular’s etc), print it out and stick it in your planner or something πŸ™‚ or if your weeks change quite frequently just save it on your laptop or phone or something and adjust where they need to be every now and then.

Screenshot (5)
I am still unsure of what my study plan will be like, hence why I am not printing it or anything yet, but this is some what what it should look like. Also some nights where you put “homework” or “study”, if you don’t have any homework then that’ll just be spare time to do what you want πŸ™‚ remember to take breaks when studying every 30-50mins!

Back to school essentials!

So these are just some of the supplies that you will pretty much always find in my school bag πŸ™‚

1. planner + sticky notes

Duh. The best part of a new year at school are new planners! This year I just bought a pretty basic planner that’s still really cute from Typo on sale for $5 πŸ™‚ Planners help you organise your year more carefully and just lets you see whats coming up ahead that week and all.

Β 10941695_698822703570122_1478537243_n
2. notebooks + ipads (or laptops)+ USB

Generally speaking most schools use laptops, or nothing (a moment of silence to those schools that don’t use some electronic thing for schoolwork…) My school however uses iPads. Which i personally believe is much better. I have a mac too, at school I will be using my iPad and at home I plan on using my mac. Because of the magnificent creation of iCloud all my pdfs, photos, notes and just everything sync onto all my devices! (even my phone) The iPad to me is just a portable mac. I bought this extremely protective case for it too thats super stylish from Collette on sale for $10!!! It’s the best thing that I bought last year. Also a USB (or a flash drive as some ppl call it) will come in handy to store all your digital pdf documents.

Notebooks…. what are they again? oh yes that incredibly thin, white piece of surface we write things on. Yeh well a lot of schools have stopped using them but if you still do, it would be best to have a separate notebook for each class. Just incase your teacher wants the class to hand in their notes or something like that πŸ™‚ but if you are using some apple gadget like meee then i recommend notability. It’s the best app for writing (well typing) down all class notes and adding diagrams and everything (except assignments) I suggest with essays and stuff like that you should use pages or word. Just better format


3. stationery

Ah my other favourite part of school supplies C: stationary is essential when it comes to school supplies! Here are the usual things that I keep in my pencil case…

This is my pencil case πŸ™‚ It is technically a cosmetics bag but it works fine as a pencil case for me xD It’s just a casual stripy victorias secret bag
  • One blue, red and black pen
  • 6 different colours highlighters
  • White out tape
  • 6 inch ruler
  • 0.5 pacer & 0.5 lead
  • Scissors
  • Rubber
  • 4 pens-in-one (pastel coloured pink, green, blue & purple)
  • Two spare pens (one black one blue)
4. food and stuff

Umm this is probably most ppls favourite part of school.. LUNCH TIME! Make sure you have something yummy for lunch :9 and healthy! Keeping you refreshed for the rest of the day.Water bottles are really important too. This is something I was never the best in but drinking water and keeping hydrated is extremely important! It maintains your body fluids so you can function throughout the day. It’s like our fuel. However sometimes the school tuckshop sells reallyyyyy yummy food like lasagne :9 and i just have to get some! oh and ALOE VERA!! Β MY FAVOURITE DRINK ALOE VERA! i love love love loveeee Aloe Vera so yummy! So always pack some money incase this happens.


5. wallet + go card (travel card)

A wallet is essential to take to school to store all your cards that you may need for some reason like student ID for a late pass or whatever (I have a collection of late passes lel xD) and money. Like I said in point 4.. you need some “emergency” cash incase something comes up ya know πŸ˜› and my Go Card. In QLD we use this card to pay for public transport fees. You just top it up and when you hop on the train or bus just tap on the machine thing and tap off when you get off.

6. Phone + earphones

Ok now we’re getting more out of the classroom or “important” supplies as teachers and parents would call it. But yes we need our phones for multiple reasons.. Music being the most important for me. And just texting or calling friends at lunch times trying to find them if they’re late or not at school or something.


7. deodorant & toiletries

Girls you need to keep up with your lady moments and pack for them! don’t want classmates noticing some sort of stain left behind on chairs now do ya :s and deodorant! guys need this too. Especially in summer when it gets hot. I absolutely hate sitting near ppl who smell so bad. So when ppl who sit near me don’t wear deo i will spray them with mine whether they like it or not. I cannot stand people who just smell ew.

I bought this from coles for only $3.50! πŸ™‚ (ps this obviously isn’t my photography)
8. gum

Ok so I know gum is banned at most schools but I try have at least one or two pieces everyday when you can. Don’t want to open your mouth and just start bleaching people with that breath of yours. Also my secret tactic from avoiding people constantly asking for gum (which happens EVERY TIME i have gum at school) is to keep two packets of gum. One with the gum you need and another packet empty so when people ask just show them empty pack and be like “yeh soz bro” >:) works every time huehue


9. hat

Different schools have different rules with hats. My school has caps that we can buy from uniform shop so I always pack that for when I have HPE lessons or just when I wanna hang out and play soccer on the oval.


10. jumper

I am a person who tends to get realllyyyy cold. Like even in summer at school I would just wear a jumper. Most my classes are air conditioned aswell and I’m not sure why but I tend to always get the seats right in the direction the aircon is blowing and i just feel like I’m in the scene of frozen where elsa freezes the town.