diy study planner in 3 steps

So this is something I always try to use when school starts. It just helps handle the tonnes of homework assignments you have to do in one night so you don’t end up leaving it til 12am (which happened like all the time when I didn’t use a study planner xD)

1. Open Excel (Microsoft Office) or Google Spreadsheets

I’m using the Google Spreadsheets because my Microsoft Office was recently deleted :((((( but Google Spreadsheets work just as well, they get done everything you need in this diy. So basically you want to use the columns as the times and the rows as the days. (You can fill a square in by clicking on the rectangle you want to type in then just start typing)

.Screenshot (1)

2. Fill it in

If you’re on holidays like me right now, then just fill in the days you know what you’re definitely doing (eg. definitely going to be at school from Mondays til Fridays 9am-3pm). An easier way you filling out rectangles with the same activities is by only typing it in one rectangle then copy it then select another rectangle/column/row where you have the same activity on and click paste.

Screenshot (2)

3. Print or even keep as wallpaper

Once every rectangle is filled out (remember to put it break times too not just studying/extra curricular’s etc), print it out and stick it in your planner or something 🙂 or if your weeks change quite frequently just save it on your laptop or phone or something and adjust where they need to be every now and then.

Screenshot (5)
I am still unsure of what my study plan will be like, hence why I am not printing it or anything yet, but this is some what what it should look like. Also some nights where you put “homework” or “study”, if you don’t have any homework then that’ll just be spare time to do what you want 🙂 remember to take breaks when studying every 30-50mins!